What has happened in a society after the end of a dictatorship? What was before? How is life in a dictatorship? How do people live together afterwards? How can people re-encounter after a dictatorship, or after a war? Which processes are similar, which are specific? How does it feel having to leave one’s home country? And how does having to come back feel after one has already accommodated to a new „home country"? Is coming back possible after all? Integration or assimilation or a parallel society? Which yearning lingers? Which memories remain, which will be suppressed? Which culture does one take wit them? And what is necessary to prevent another dictatorship to emerge? What are the preconditions for a „culture of remembrance“, and what is such culture important for?

These questions were initially planned to be topics of the dance and video performance of teatreBLAU, when the project was being developed. The start of the rehearsals, however, plunged into a situation that creates completely different views on societal cohabitation. Which game are we in? Performers Andrea Cruz, Jol Alholo and Marc de Pablo take up this question to get into a dialogue with their audience.

The international production now starts rehearsals during a two-week residence at C.I.N.E in Sineu and will have its first performances within two weeks in July at T-Werk in Potsdam. In September, an Education Week on the topics of the production will take place on the Studiobühne of the Kleist Forum in Frankfurt (Oder).

Created by

Head of production, concept, costumes & stage design

Katja Lebelt

Choreography and dance

Andrea Cruz, Marc de Pablo and Jol Alholo


Arne Pohlmeier

Video and Photography

Santiago Stankovic


Sabine Völker

Production assistent

Jolan Porst

Costumes and Choreography

Amelia Llop/ Martha Gräfe (cost.)

German voice

Matthias Brenner

Graphic design

Can Momo Creative Studio

Web design

Malte Thie


Fr. 11.09.


Ciclop – Festival de teatre visual

Sineu, Mallorca


Close-Up/Zoom-Out Trailer

2020 Potsdam, by Santiago Stankovic


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