Hans Becker
photo by Mathias Rümmler

Hans Ulrich Becker is a German director with a master of Arts from Frankfurt. He has a long and successful career in theatre during which he worked, amongst others, in Brazil and Russia on more than 20 first releases and developments of theatre events in contemporary theater: Pinter, Tucker-Green, Turrini, Seethaler, B.S. Johnson, L. Hellman, Bradbury, Arlt, Walser, Gmeyner, Pommerat, Oglesby et al.

Phil Alfons Heitman
photo by Thomas Rabsch

Phillip Alfons Heitmann s a German actor. He studied acting at Leipzig College of Music and Theatre. He has enjoyed a successful career working in theatre and music theatre projects, both freelance and with ensembles of German regional theatres and toured in Switzerland, Austria and Luxemburg.

Besides this, he has worked as a voice and voice over actor for German public radio and television.

Grace Al Ahmar
photo by Mohammad Basha

Grace Al Ahmar is a Syrian actress who has recently relocated to Hamburg. She ardently delves into performativity methods that traverse the landscapes of the Levant and Europe. With a diverse portfolio spanning dubbing, TV series, film, and theater, her work deeply resonates with the experiences of female artists in the Levant. She holds a Diploma in Acting from the High Institute of Dramatic Arts of Damascus, Syria. She has actively participated in numerous projects across the Levant and Europe since 2017, collaborating with local and international artists.

Marc de Pablo
photo by Mathias Rümmler

Marc de Pablo is a Spanish actor and dancer. He graduated from the Barcelona Theater Institute. He has worked in different productions in France, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Portugal. He lives in Mallorca, where he has worked with well-known local companies such as AuMents or Res de Res.

Lukas Thiele
photo © Daniel Stubenvoll

Lukas Thiele is a creative producer. He studied visual communication with a focus on animated film at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. Much of his work deals with the limits of classical animation and the combination of this with other media. I In addition to commissioned work - mainly from the cultural and NGO sector - he has been producing artistic short and animated films as well as interdisciplinary projects in close collaboration with artists and directors for many years. Experimentation and research are the main interest of his artistic work. Conventional techniques of animation or film narration are set aside in order to develop new forms of production or narration - whether on screen or in space. He is the head of production of the annual Festival of Animation Berlin (FAB) for which he has also conceived, curated and directed the Expanded Animation exhibition "FAB Dimensional" since 2020.

Charlotte (Lola) Heyse

Charlotte (Lola) Heyse, born in 2001 in Weimar (Germany), is a film student and a production assistant at teatreBLAU. She grew up in a theatre environment and works on different theatre and film productions. Lola has spent parts of her life in Norway and Spain, and speaks four languages fluently, so she often also functions as a translator during our rehearsals with our international artists, and during the writing of our multilingual plays. Her first teatreBLAU production was “Digital Landscape Theatre”, and since then she was a part of “Was ist es wert?”, “Whiteboard Lieberose”, “War on water”, "Water/Agua/Wasser" and "BA-TA-CLAN.

Roua Horanieh
photo by Mathias Rümmler

Roua Horanieh is a Syrian architect and writer who founded an architecture studio in Damascus with Jan Bunge and Hani Munif. She left Damascus because of the conflict and writes about her memories and the complexity of her relationship with Damascus. She currently lives and works in London.

Katja Lebelt
photo by Mathias Rümmler

Katja Lebelt is an artistic director and head of scenography. She used to produce theatre, opera and dance performances in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France and worked with, amongst others, Irina Pauls and Wolfgang Engel. In 2008 she founded the rural theatre "Hofbühne Viesen", which facilitates access to cultural events in the countryside and aims at building bridges of communication between the cities and the rural areas.

Rami Khalaf
photo by Assem Hamsho

Rami Khalaf was born in 1983 in Katana, a suburb of Damascus, Syria. He started acting early on in school theatre, and in 2008 he completed his actor training in the Institute for Dramatic Arts in Damascus.

Since then he played in numerous Syrian TV-shows and took part in stage productions such as The Woman Of The Past with Roland Schimmelpfennig and Dissident Il Va s´En Dire with Michele Vinavers. He recently worked on the protest project Can You Please Look In The Camera? with Mohammad al-Attar. Rami left Syria in 2012. He played in different theatre projects in France and Germany such as Your Love Is Fire with Mudar Al-Haji, Empire with Milo Rau and Instinkte with Nicole Nagel. The latest radio play he participated in by Erik Altörfer, The Deads Are Busy, with Mudar Al-Haji and Wael Kadour was nominated for “Best radio play of the year” prize by the Akademie der darstellenden Künste. Rami is currently on tour for La Obra with Mariano Pensotti.

Andrea Cruz
photo by Mathias Rümmler

Andrea Cruz studied art education and dance education at the University of Chile. Since 1996, she has been working as a dance performer in several international productions with the Silencio / Chile. In her projects she combines dance, gesture and objects into a poetic visual performance. Andrea’s interdisciplinary work is praised for her engagement and the strength of her interpretations. Together with Tomeu Gomila she was co-founder and co-directress oft he „AuMents Company“ that travelled to festivals all over the world and received several awards for direction, interpretation and conception of their shows. 2018 she founded the Andrea Cruz Company - danza gesto objetos. Today she lives in Sineu, Spain

Viola Kramer
photo by Ullrich Stiens

Viola Kramer is German music composer and sound artist. She develops musical sets for dance, theater and film. In concerts she works as a pianist, ensemble leader and with her electronic live setup. Live sampling and electronic editing are one of their specialties. Unusual choir concepts are her specialty.

Santiago Stankovic

Santiago Stankovic was born in 1974 in Cordoba, Argentina. He studied systems engineering and systems analysis in Argentina, where he worked in IT development and service for several years.

In 2009 he studied professional photography at Mallorca CEF in Palma and now runs his own photographic studio, with a focus on architecture, theatre, or hotels. Santiago also participated in numerous art projects as a photographer. For teatreBLAU he created a documentary about the international think tank „Voices of Damascus“ and the premiere of the resulting project. Santiago also cooperates with Dignity 360, a Spanish charity that realises projects to provide emotional support for refugees in Europe. He also produced several documentaries about people from Syria who are currently living in Spain.

Dilsad Kurdak
photo by Serra Zeynep Gedikoglu

Dilşad Kurdak is an architect, graphic designer and social media specialist based in İstanbul, Turkey. She worked as an architect and produced creative graphic works for different corporations at the same time. She is also a music enthusiast and sings in a professional acapella choir in İstanbul. Currently she produces artworks and manages content for TeatreBLAU’s social media and Home, Pizza/Visa & A Pledge To The Queen production.